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Veterinary Industry Summary: Nov 20-Nov 26, 2022

Let’s separate facts from feelings: The data behind emerging veterinary trends

  There’s no doubt that the predominant narrative in the veterinary industry today is that practices are overburdened, understaffed, and quite frankly struggling. As a veterinary data analytics company, we’re always curious about the data behind these emerging veterinary trends. Since Vetsource is connected to thousands of veterinary practices nationwide, we’re able to...Read More

Myth-busting: Shelter pet adoption and owner surrender stats dispel false assumptions

A note from Vetsource:We’ve all heard and perhaps even made assumptions about pet adoptions increasing during the pandemic and now the media has also been touting an increase in owner surrenders as more Americans return to work. As a data company, we were thrilled to find actual stats and data on the matter...Read More

AVMA Webinar Recap: Key veterinary industry trends and U.S. economic insights from April 2021 presentation

  You know that one friend you have who shares your same passion—maybe it’s cats, craft beer, or even pickleball? You get together and can talk for hours about your passion because they just get it. That’s what it’s like when the AVMA and Vetsource come together for a webinar on veterinary industry...Read More

Survey says: Revenue—and competition—growing for animal hospitals, plus 4 key takeaways from IndeVets

  The forthcoming end of the pandemic is creating vast power shifts in animal health, as hospitals report seeing massive upswings in client demand and revenue—with a good deal of that new volume coming from competitors down the block. In a new survey by IndeVets of more than 100 animal hospitals, mostly clustered...Read More

2020 year in review: Veterinary practices perform well despite the pandemic

  When you look at the overall numbers for 2020 you might be lulled into thinking it was a fairly normal year for the veterinary industry. But those grinding away in practices across the country and those of us analyzing the data know better; 2020 was anything but ordinary thanks to the COVID-19...Read More

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