Veterinary data insights


At Vetsource, not only do we have access to daily transactional data from veterinary practices-more importantly-we know exactly how to interpret it.

Extract data

First, we extract the raw veterinary practice data housed in each practice management system, also known as the PIMS. We do so securely and, of course, with the explicit permission of each Vetsource veterinary practice.

Normalize codes

Veterinary practice data is messy, but we're able to make sense of it by assigning each revenue transaction in a practice management software to the appropriate category, regardless of what each individual practice uses for a software system, item code, or description.

By using machine learning and a team of veterinary professionals to "map" the codes, we're able to accurately map millions of codes in seconds. Voila, normalization.

Aggregate and de-identify

To protect practice anonymity, we then remove any identifying information and aggregate the data, meaning it is combined and displayed as one number instead of each individual practice. Similar to baking a cake, once finished you cannot identify each egg that makes up the delicious treat.

Analyze and visualize

Finally, we analyze practice data and present key metrics in a clear, easy-to-understand format. We include trendlines to track performance over time and provide the ability to filter and drill down into specific time periods and locations. We also allow for downloading of the aggregated data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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