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Interactive dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat

Monitor the veterinary industry with daily transactional data from thousands of companion animal practices all filterable by date, state, and visit type.


Stay on top of trends in the veterinary market

Easily compare veterinary market performance for both revenue and visits for various time periods.

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Veterinary trendlines show the full picture

Track the year-over-year change for revenue and visits. Filter by various categories including exams, products, services, drugs and medication, vaccines, and more.

Track average revenue and visits per month

Compare this year to last year by month. Track wellness vs. non-wellness visits across the industry, plus product purchases, boarding and grooming visits, and more.


Drill down to the state level

Get the exact statistics you need by drilling down into each state for both revenue and visits.

Yes, you can even export the data

Export and download aggregated daily data into a spreadsheet for further analysis of both average revenue and visits.


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