Veterinary Industry Summary: November 5–11, 2023


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November 5–11, 2023


Although the potentially deadly heartworm disease can be prevented in dogs, the use of heartworm preventatives may be down.

A recent article published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science revealed that only 39.5% of dogs participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study were receiving heartworm preventatives.

Led by Dr. Lauren Wisnieski, associate professor of public health and research at Lincoln Memorial University, the study identified factors affecting a dog’s likelihood of receiving heartworm prevention. Dogs who were in the highest quartile of height, were sexually intact, or were receiving supplements were less likely to receive heartworm preventatives, while dogs who received vaccines and those who were diagnosed with an infectious disease or an ear, nose, or throat condition during a recent veterinary visit were more likely to receive heartworm preventative medications.

Vetsource data indicates that, on average, parasiticide-purchasing patients are down 5% year-over-year per practice, and year-over-year months of heartworm protection dispensed continues to fall.

Dr. Wisnieski and her team plan to expand their research to include more dog breeds, and explore how the cost of preventatives impacts their use and how the human-animal bond affects preventative care.

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Revenue per Practice

A bar graph showing revenue per practice for last week, compared to the previous year.



Revenue YoY (Last Week)
Visits YoY (Last Week)


While year-over-year revenue has consistently been up — last week it was up 6.4% — the real news last week was the improvement in year-over-year visits, which climbed into positive territory at 0.6%.

Months of Parasiticide Protection Dispensed


Heartworm YoY
Flea/Tick YoY


Service vs Product Revenue Breakdown


Services YoY
Products YoY



Year-over-year months of heartworm protection dispensed was -3.2% last week, while flea/tick improved to 0.7%. Revenue from services and products improved to 7.8% and 2.7% respectively.

Growth in Revenue and Visits

A line graph showing revenue and visits per practice, for a 14 day rolling period.



Revenue YoY (Last 12 Months)
Visits YoY (Last 12 Months)



The rolling 14-day trendline shows year-over-year revenue and visits holding steady after falling in mid-October.

Revenue Growth by State

A U.S. map, using color shades to show revenue growth by state.


Patient Demographics


Revenue per Practice
(Last 12 Months)
Visits per Practice
(Last 12 Months)



North Carolina and West Virginia continued to enjoy the highest growth in year-over-year revenue and visits respectively last week, with North Carolina’s revenue growth at 11.0% and West Virginia’s visits growth at 2.3%.

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