Veterinary Industry Summary: June 4–10, 2023


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June 4-10, 2023

New laws in California and Arizona are clearing the way for increased virtual care while still centering the importance of the veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR). The push for new legislation comes amidst the veterinarian shortage and expanding access to care.


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Revenue per Practice

A bar graph showing revenue per practice for last week, compared to the previous year.


Revenue YoY (Last Week)
Visits YoY (Last Week)


Revenue was up this past week at 5.6% year over year, higher than the week prior. Visits are still down at -1.2% year over year this past week, also higher than the week before.

Months of Parasiticide Protection Dispensed
Heartworm YoY
Flea/Tick YoY


Service vs Product Revenue Breakdown
Services YoY
Products YoY


Heartworm and flea/tick protection dispensed are still down, though significantly higher than the week prior. Revenue from services was up at 6.3%, lower than the week before, and revenue from products was up at 3.2%, significantly higher than the preceding week.

Growth in Revenue and Visits
A line graph showing revenue and visits per practice, for a 14 day rolling period.



Revenue YoY (Last 12 Months)
Visits YoY (Last 12 Months)


The rolling 14-day trendline shows revenue and visits growth year over year trending slightly higher in 2023 than 2022. Revenue may be showing a pattern of slight growth, staying at a high of 5.9% compared to prior weeks holding at 5.6%.

Revenue Growth by State
A U.S. map, using color shades to show revenue growth by state.


Patient Demographics


Revenue per Practice
(Last 12 Months)
Visits per Practice
(Last 12 Months)


Maine continues to stay on top for year-over-year revenue growth on average for the past 12 months, with 10.1% growth, followed by North Carolina at 9.8% and Tennessee at 9.7%.

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*Numbers are subject to change based on data availability and PIMS adjustments.

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