Interactive Veterinary Market Trends Dashboard Now Available On-Demand From Data Experts at VetSuccess

VetSuccess offers convenient access to veterinary market research by launching the Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker on

TORONTO, ON, May 20, 2021 – Those with a vested interest in the veterinary industry can now gain valuable insights via data from thousands of companion animal hospitals thanks to the new Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker from VetSuccess.

This powerful data analytics tool helps professionals stay on top of trends and changes in revenue and visits for the veterinary market. With transactional data that is updated daily and the ability to filter by date, state, and visit type, the dashboard offers a continuous window into the business of veterinary medicine.

The Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker features trendlines that show the full picture, by-month and by-state snapshots of practice revenue and visits, and the ability to export aggregated data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

“The veterinary industry is currently undergoing a major evolution,” says VetSuccess Managing Director Katie McClean. “That’s why we’re proud to help increase visibility into U.S. practice performance with the release of the Premium Veterinary Industry Tracker.”


This intuitive subscription-based dashboard offers quick answers to tough veterinary questions, such as:

  • What was the average revenue per practice in Q1 of this year vs. last year?
  • Are veterinary practices seeing more patients for wellness visits?
  • How are New York practices performing compared to California practices?
  • What percentage of practice revenue comes from drugs and medications?

According to VetSuccess Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sheri Gilmartin, CVT, “Having access to this caliber of veterinary data is a real game-changer for those who make it their business to understand the business of veterinary medicine.”

Since 2011, VetSuccess has perfected the art and science of veterinary data analysis, delivering easy-to-understand metrics and apples-to-apples benchmarks for the veterinary profession. The data experts at VetSuccess simplify and normalize complex layers of practice management codes into clear, actionable data and metrics.

With the intention to expand its product offerings in the near future on, VetSuccess empowers professionals to gain a competitive advantage and go beyond survey results and speculation with reliable and timely animal health industry data.

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VetSuccess provides practice performance reports, dashboards, and automated marketing solutions for veterinary practices and industry partners. As the industry's definitive data experts, VetSuccess makes sense of veterinary data and turns it into actionable information, metrics, and benchmarks. A subsidiary of Vetsource, VetSuccess harnesses the power of data to help veterinary practices and partners stay one step ahead of the curve.

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